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What is Steam Boiler Insulation?

Boiler Insulation: In winters, human bodies shiver, so we insulate ourselves by wearing woolen clothes. A steam boiler in operation doesn’t shiver to maintain its internal energy, even if it did, it would have been highly undesirable keeping in mind the impacts of vibration in a system.

Ambient temp being extremely low, so the temperature difference between the human body and ambient is large. This enhances the heat transfer between them, this woolen insulation helps in reducing this heat rejection to the atmosphere and in the end we feel warm. The Same condition applies to the steam boilers.

Combustion in the furnace and the flow of the flue gases in the Boiler Shell tubes heat up their respective surface areas leading to steam generation or hot water heating. But some part of this heat also gets conducted away to the surface of the Boiler shell.

Now the Boiler shell gets heated up and is ready to transfer this heat to the surroundings. The situation becomes worse in winter or rainy seasons.

Be it water tube or smoke tube boiler, every equipment using heat for some other purpose needs to be insulated to reduce the losses.

For Boiler, technically, as per calculations it has been concluded that for every drop of 20-22 degree Celsius in temp., the Boiler efficiency gets reduced by 1%.


Boiler Insulation Services in India

Boiler insulation is a one-time investment but ensures a quick payback to the owner, pick up in efficiency also reduces the fuel consumption.

Not only for Steam Boiler, but insulation of steam line is also highly recommended.

For, steam lines, if not insulated, the surface heat rejection of the steam pipescondenses the steam in it. This condensation of steam may hamper the process to which it is getting supplied.

At,Vedaengg, we have successfully insulated Steam Boilers including Steam Lines till process, of almost all of our customers and achieved maximum heat retention possible.