Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump

Water-Based Fire Suppression System: The Armstrong Series 4600f is the state of the art in Horizontal Split Case pumps, meeting or exceeding the requirements of nfpa as well as fire protection testing laboratories such as ul, ulc and fm. The compact pump design and reduced footprint make the4600f perfectly suited for use in new construction, packaged fire systems and retrofit installations. Durability
  • Oversized stainless steel shaft is rated for min. 5000 run hours Double suction impeller prevents wear due to imbalanced flow
  • Sealed, permanently-greased bearings prevent seizing Externally mounted combination bearing and seal housing minimises shaft deflection
Easy Maintenance
  • Fitted with drain connection for drip containment
  • Replaceable case wear rings − Locked to prevent rotation or axial displacement
  • Hydraulically balanced double suction impeller minimises axial thrust
  • Three-piece split gland shaft sealing
  • Replaceable shaft sleeves

Intelligent Variable Speed pumps

Armstrong Design Envelope pumps are a complete solution for heating, cooling and plumbing systems. The integration of a perfectly matched pump, motor and intelligent variable speed controller creates the highest value pumping solution. Through design advances, Armstrong has eliminated the cost trade-offs that are frequently attached to sustainable choices. Design Envelope offers the lowest installed cost and the lowest life cost of any pumping solution today. Upto 65% installed cost savings Upto 80% Energy Savings Design Envelope solutions reduce pumping costs  through variable speed, demand-based operation — consuming only the energy required, based on current system demand. Design Envelope pumps use a combination of optimised impeller size and speed control for energy efficient operation within a given performance envelope. The performance envelopes are mapped for the best pump efficiency, where variable flow systems operate most often. This ensures a building’s hydronic pumping system consumes as little energy as possible. Design Envelope pumps up to 7.5 kW exceed this legislation and are ie5 certified. Vertical Inline Pumps
  • The Armstrong 4300 pipe-mounted pumps are designed for space-saving installation, high operating efficiency, and long service life
  • Range: 1 hp to 1250 hp (0.75 kW to 900 kW)
  • Size : 1.5″ to 20” (40 mm to 500 mm)

IFMS Intelligent Fluid Management System

Your projects deliver enduring value. Long after the work is finished, a successful building project represents your company and stands as a testament to your commitment to solution quality Serving both chilled water and hot water applications, the Design Envelope iFMS is a prefabricated all-variable pump station that creates value for all members of the community in a new-build or retrofit project Upto 50% lower Life Cycle cost
  • Drawing on Armstrong’s Design Envelope technology, the pumps in an iFMS system integrate a perfectly matched Vertical In-Line pump, motor and intelligent controller. Armstrong has re-invented and redesigned pumping solutions to include connectivity and performance management services. Design Envelope pumps deliver optimal lifetime efficiency through:
  • Expanded performance range and options
  • One-touch auto-flow balancing Pump speed modulation based on an adjustable quadratic control curve for best part-load efficiency
  • Flow measurement accuracy (+/- 5%)
  • On-board data and diagnostics to provide performance information
Key Features –
  • Factory functional tested and pre-commissioned
  • ABSI or DIN flanged connections
  • Configurations for indoor or outdoor use
  • Configurable redundancy
  • EN 1090 & IBC structural compliance*

Suction Guides and Flo Trex Valves

Engineered for Maximum Efficiency, Cost Savings and Protection of your HVAC System SUCTION GUIDE The best available protection for HAVC components Armstrong Suction Guides (SGs) are  installed on the suction side of pumps to protect against damage from debris and foreign matter, and to optimize flow efficiency. Most pump installations require a long radius elbow, flow-straightening entrance pipe, and y strainer. The Suction Guide’s versatile 4-function design saves space and installation costs by incorporating all these devices into a single solution.  Maximum cost savings  Eliminate the purchase and installation of unnecessary components. Most installations require a long radius elbow, flow straightening entrance pipe, and y strainer. Versatile 4-function design of the Suction Guide reduces installed costs by combining  90% elbow | Reducing elbow | In-line strainer | Guide Vanes  

Suction Guides and Flo Trex Valves

Engineered for Maximum Efficiency, Cost Savings and Protection of your HVAC System


To protect pumps from damage and keep them operating at peak efficiency, Armstrong Flo-Trex Valves (FTVs) are used on the discharge side of pumping equipment. Extended operating life for system components Installation labour savings. FTVs function as

a shut-off valve, non-slam check valve, flow throttling valve and 90 degree elbow – all in a single device.

All-in-one protection and flow control

  • Flexibility for system design and installation
  • Reduced space requirement in mechanical room
  • Maximum cost savings
  • Eliminate the purchase and installation of unnecessary components. Flo-Trex Valve serves 4 functions and eliminates the need for
  • Discharge long-radius elbow | Discharge check valve | Discharge globe valve

Always in control

  • Precise control of flow
  • Effective shut-off for pump isolation
  • Low pressure drop
  • Protection against slamming and reverse flow
  • Reduced system noise