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Large pieces of equipment, cooling towers, are used to remove heat from industrial processes and buildings. Commercial cooling towers can be used to create a comfortable indoor climate in large buildings. Industrial cooling towers can be used to extract heat from water circulating processes. This heat is then used for production.

Smaller operations may have cooling towers located on the top of a commercial building or in a separate maintenance facility. The cooling towers of larger industrial operations can be a separate structure.
Cooling towers work by spraying water from the top to the bottom. As the air passes over the water, cool air is drawn into the sides of tower. Water heat is transferred into the air, as well as a portion of water evaporating. The air heated by the water evaporation passes through the top of tower, while the cooler water drops down.

Cooling Towers are used by many industries

Water tower systems can be used by any industry with a recirculating system of water that removes heat from buildings or processes. Schools, hospitals and commercial offices are common industries.

Manufacturing plants that use cooling towers include:

  • Textile
  • Glass
  • Rubber Products
  • Petrol refineries
  • Primary Metals Processing
  • Chemicals
  • Food processing

Cooling towers are used in a wide range of industries. Custom designed cooling towers are used by many industries to fit the system into their operations. Veda Cooling offers prefabricated cooling towers for commercial and industrial use. Contact us to learn more about cooling towers and whether they are right for you.