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Cooling towers can work continuously, unlike other equipment that is turned off when it’s not needed. In these situations, regular cooling maintenance is essential. The cooling system may malfunction without regular maintenance. This can be a costly and dangerous problem. Why is it important?

Routine checks are important
Regular maintenance should be aimed at spotting potential problems early so that they can immediately be addressed. Repairs can be cheaper and faster when the problem is small. You can get back to business quickly. Regular maintenance ensures the unit works at its best. When parts begin to wear out, it is possible to change the cooling equipment to be more efficient. This will increase the equipment’s lifespan. Maintenance can also prevent safety and health hazards. Cooling towers are capable of generating lethal bacteria that can cause a variety of bacterial-borne illnesses, such as Legionella. To prevent illness, maintenance tasks can be used to check for dirty and untreated water.

Maintenance Responsibility
Your maintenance staff should be responsible for testing and repairing cooling equipment in accordance with all company policies and regulations. Maintenance should be focused on three hours: checking equipment for corrosion, determining water quality and checking for mechanical damage. The weekly maintenance process should include checking the water for heterotrophic bacteria before sending the water to the laboratory for testing. The staff should check the clarity and general maintenance of the sump water once a month. Every 3 to 6 months, you can also perform less frequent tasks such as lubricating the motor bearings, cleaning out obstructions in water nozzles and tightening bolts of fan assemblies. Also, you need to flush the water sump. Contact us for more information about cooling tower maintenance.