Thermax’s Chemical business manufactures and markets a wide range of specialty chemicals to help improve processes across a spectrum of industries through customised and cost-effective solutions

Asia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of ion exchange resins and a pioneer in water and wastewater treatment chemicals.

ION Exchange Resin

Thermax Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of Tulsion® brand of ion exchange resins for over 35 years. Tulsion® is a premium brand and enjoys a global reputation in the field of water treatment and process application technologies Apart from industrial water treatment applications like softening, dealkalisation and demineralisation, we also have a wide range of resins for special applications including:
  • Purification-separation-recovery-removal
  • Polymeric adsorbent resins
  • Polymeric catalyst resins
  • Ion exchange resins for biotechnology
  • Chelating resins for metal recovery
  • Resins for ultrapure water
  • Resins for customised applications


With the ever-increasing concern on availability of water, fossil fuels and environment regulations, our products and monitoring techniques provide eco-friendly solutions to improve efficiency and performance. Thermax chemicals, a flagship division of Thermax Limited, with the proven expertise of over four decades, offers a gamut of ‘Specialty Water and Fuel Management Solutions’ encompassing
  • Cooling water treatment chemicals
  • Boiler water treatment chemicals
  • RO membrane treatment chemicals
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • Green chemicals
  • Sugar process chemicals
  • Online monitoring and automated dosing system
  • Efficient microbes for effluent treatment plant


Sooting, fouling, clinkering and other combustion deposits are common fireside occurrences in boilers and thermic fluid heaters. The adhesive properties of un-burnt carbon results in the formation of incombustible solids on the heat transfer surfaces, resulting in poor heat transfer, reduced overall boiler efficiency, and increase in fuel consumption. Thermax provides a series of fuel additives and fireside chemicals for liquid and solid fuel fired boilers where the impact of clinker formation can result in frequent cleaning, increased downtime and increase in specific fuel consumption. Thermomix® and Economix® series of fireside additives are designed for solid fuel fired boilers and heaters, including biomass. Fuel additives and fireside chemicals are a formulation of combustion catalysts, dispersants, oxidising agents, propellants and oxidisers in balanced quantities that helps in ensuring proper combustion, reduction in clinker formation, increase in heat transfer and reduction in corrosion.